Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hi Folks! Well I did it! Picked up all the stuff off the floor. Mostly kitty toys and kitty beds and kitty scratchers. Then I vacuumed very thoroughly. When the floor was completely defurred I sat down (doesn't everyone vacuum sitting down?) pulled out the tube attachment and the extra lengths and the dusting tool and caught me a whole bunch of dust bunnies under my desk and behind the computer and behind the monitor and... well, you get the picture.

Then I decided I deserved a treat, but one that would be useful. So I spent the rest of the day winding yarn. I LOVE to wind yarn! I love watching the swift whirl around and seeing the neat yarn cake form on the winder. They're so neat and tidy and stackable and storable. And, best of all, they are so ready to be knitted!

This first picture is 3 skeins of beautiful blue sock yarn, 2 huge hanks of blue green lace weight I won on eBay, some super soft variegated that came without a label, a hank of dusty pink Germantown and a chunk of pinky/lavender fingering, also without a label. All but the eBay laceweight came from my cyber twin Laura. (Hi kiddo!)

The next picture is my sock yarn storage bag which is now too small. The 3 yarn cakes on top of it are 2 skeins from Laura and the red, white and blue Opal I got in the mail today. (Thank you Soxie!!!) Behind the sock yarn bag is my bag of Elaine. Lovely stuff to knit with. :o) Those cones of yarn you see off in the corner? That is one of 2 HUGE yarn trees filled with coned yarn, mostly for machine knitting, but I do use it occasionally for hand knitting.

The last picture is of 2 storage bags under the table. The big one is all Cascade 220, mostly for felted stuff. And the smaller bag is what I call my shawl bag, because it is all lovely lacy stuff and I have LOTS of shawls I want to knit. :o) Oh, and the little bag that fell off a nearby pile is all my "foo foo" yarn. And please notice you can actually see the pattern in the rug now!

So, it was a good day! I am trying to get to bed by midnight from now on. Trying to cure myself of being such a night owl. It makes Alex happy and it's probably good for me. We shall see. G'nite all!

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