Sunday, January 15, 2006

Wanna swap?

I know I said I was going to be all done winding tonight but... Maybe it's the energetic younger me who lurks within this beat up old carcass that makes me think I can accomplish things faster than I really can. It's hard to "think old"!

So I wound yarn most all day, but I saved the hardest for last. Three HUGE hanks of cobweb. Two of them were neatly tied and the winding went fine. It just took a long, long time. I switch hands regularly but it still tires out the arms. The third hank of cobweb is a nightmare. It wasn't tied and has some tangles. Fortunately it spit splices easily but there are going to be a lot of breaks necessary to get it untangled. I'll save that for tomorrow.

In the bottom of the last bag were these 4 balls of hot pink Stretch Jaeger. Don't know what I would use it for! Anybody want to trade something for it? Here's a picture.

This next picture has the two wound hanks of cobweb, red on the bottom, white on top. Next to them are skeins of Lion Fisherman. There are miles of cobweb in those yarn cakes, compared to 465 yards in the Fisherman. Heck of a comparison!

Well, time for my long Winter's nap. Plenty to do tomorrow and it's laundry day too. Nighty night!

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