Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Big sigh of happiness...

It's all done! Now I can knit! YAY!!! There is one thing left to wind but it's going to take a while and be a fiddly mess. Here's what tangled up cobweb looks like.

That itty bitty little bit of winding has lots of ends in it. And that took an hour!

Anyway, on to the good stuff! The first picture - clockwise from bottom right - bag of "exotic" yarns, Schaefer's Elaine and Noro Spring Garden, bag of Cascade 220, bag of mohair, bag of bulky (soon to be filled), bag of foo foo yarns, and bag of cottons.

Next picture, from left to right - bag of dk weight, bag of worsted weight, bag of lace etc. for shawls, and bag of sock yarn.

Can't leave out the crochet thread!

And lastly, my happy little Percy who can finally get close to Mommy now that all the bags are out of the way.

What's next? A quick pair of bulky slippers for an old friend. Then I have to get busy on a christening gown for my dear friend Lois' granddaughter Sioban. ( Shi-vahn) We call her Babe. :o) I am honorary Great Auntie Gretchen!

Then I have 3 mystery shawls to catch up with, not to mention all the other shawls I want to knit. Including a small one for little Sarah, the daughter of my dear friend Betsy. And I want to use some of that pretty cotton for something summery. And I'm crazy about shrugs! And I want to give an heirloom shawl out of the book Heirloom Knitting a try with the cobweb.

And I'm on 2 deadlines, one is to make a bunch of bowtie quilt blocks with heirloom fabrics on my Singer New Family handcrank sewing machine, and the other is a pieced center medallion for a Round Robin that I have to mail on the last day of January. And my Mom gave me a quilt top that I have been drooling over for several years, but I had to promise to hand quilt it. So I have to show some progress with that now and then. :o)

Not to mention the pantry is waiting for the second phase of clean out and reorganize. Oh it's going to be a busy year boys and girls!

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