Saturday, November 14, 2009

More FOs

Alex liked his Bissell SpotBot I gave him for his birthday. Nine kitties, especially the older ones, have a lot of hurking booboos on our old rugs and I get so tired of seeing Alex down on his knees. This SpotBot should help a lot, I hope.

Just had our 32nd wedding anniversary. Alex got a brake job for his truck and I got a new toaster. The pizza delivery guy said he didn't think he'd ever met such a long (old) married couple. LOL! Easy to impress a teenager!

So... knitting... where was I? Finished these for Christmas gifts.

Knitted some belts and will do a few more.

Knitted a sweater vest for my nephew. Took on a real crazy zigzag look! The pattern is from the same book as the Sweater for Alex.

Gave my beautiful teenaged niece a knitting lesson and got her to try on a couple of my finished gifts. Isn't she gorgeous!

My eldest son has compressed lumbar vertebrae and can't work. My other son is still fearful of the world and doesn't leave his cave much, (sorta like Mom). Nephew needs surgery pretty soon since the doctors have wasted months looking for what's wrong and he is just skin & bones now. My mom didn't like the folks in California anymore and moved away to Oregon. So it looks like a really quiet Thanksgiving here. I'm thinking we might just skip the turkey and stuff a turkey breast instead. Always wanted to try that!

I just started a vest for my sister-in-law. Same pattern as Seth's but with a different colorway. Doesn't look like this one will do the zig-zag thing. I'll show ya when it's done. :o)