Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pre Thanksgiving update

I've been beavering away at the round robin. Confessed to the group that I had designed myself into a black hole and now considered myself certifiable. I begged them not to send the men in white coats with butterfly nets. I got permission from the end recipient to put the project aside so I can make gifts for Christmas. And you know what? She isn't finished with hers either!!! She says she will have it in the mail after Thanksgiving so I will still be last. But I am relieved that I am not alone for now.

These are the only rosebuds you will see until next year. The printout behind them is what I am aiming for.

I was all ready to put the final leaf on the rosebuds when I discovered I had sewn part of the rosebuds together wrong. Moan! Groan! Drat! Drat! DRAT!!!

So I took 2 of them apart and fixed them so I would at least have two I could show. Now the whole project is neatly packed away in baggies, and all baggies in one big baggy. I am SO glad I did the press&seal packages for all the piles of pieces.

Now to get organized and start on gifts. Oh and clean up the house for Thanksgiving too. For my Canadian friends who celebrated last month, I hope it was a grand feast! And for my American friends and our valiant troops overseas, may you enjoy and find much to give thanks for.

Love and hugs until later...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Painting is finished!

Yay! Pics of the finished painting!

The new back porch. Room for a little table and chairs!

Back of the house. All those windows enclose what was the back porch in the 1920s. That's the laundry and storage area now.

The side of the house from across the street. Remember the before? Huge difference! People walking and driving by stop and say such nice things!

So much more welcoming don't you think?

The parlor looks SO much better! We must put our flag back out!

I almost had the painter talked into painting the fish scale shingles 3 different colors. Some day... :o)

I am so relieved that this is finally done. No more feeling embarrassed. No more telling people to look for the house with all the peeling paint. I'm so happy!

And last, but not least, 4 finished bluebird corner blocks for the last round robin border. There are 4 pinks in the rose, from pale to dark. But my pale pink is too pale. I outline stitched the pale pink parts so it shows the rose better. But I've cut all new pale pink pieces for the rest of the border. Gotta find some little black buttons for the birds' eyes. Progress!