Saturday, August 19, 2006

My "Happy" Project

Just for you Lois!

Been going through some stuff lately that's had me in the dumps. My house needs curtains so bad and I've wanted to try this pattern from Hass Designs for quite a while. So this is my happy project for when I am feeling the stress. So far I really like it. Except those big holes in the petals between the hearts. I'm already planning on redesigning. Wish I could figure out how to do this on the knitting machine. I know plain filet can be duplicated but it's those lacet stitches that make it so pretty. Haven't figured that out yet. Maybe sort of like a tuck stitch?

I know. I ought to be knitting. Just shows how down I am that I don't really want to.

That's all for now. Hoping for some good news soon. All prayers very appreciated!

Hugs y'all.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finally a finished pair!

Hi Folks. Remember that pair of socks I was knitting for my husband's birthday last year? How I ran out of yarn before the second sock was finished and didn't know what kind it was? And how I pleaded with the knitting public to search their stashes? And how one lovely person actually had a leftover? Well I got all busy with the round robin quilts and the poor socks waited and waited, in their own special little bag, so patient. Ta da! Finally finished!

Gave them to Alex tonight and he was very pleased. I needed that.

So why am I knitting and not working on the round robin? Well, I got a copy of Virtual PC to run on my beloved Mac, but it came without an OS. ??? So I got a copy of Win98 but it isn't here yet. As soon as it is I will be able to run the EQ5 quilt design program to open the file from the last person to work on the RR I have right now. So I will have the right measurements and can design my border to fit just right.

The other reason I am knitting? I have been getting arthritis in my hands, mostly my thumbs. And despite everything I try, the only time my hands don't hurt is when I am knitting. After this last RR, the one with the bargello border, I was really hurting. I thought maybe resting my hands from any crafts for a while might help, but it didn't. I got all depressed about some things that are going on and picked up my knitting for some solace. My hands stopped hurting! It even lasts a while after I stop knitting. Whatever it is, I wish I could bottle it.

So why am I a blue robin? The one year unemployment claim that started in April only sent checks for 17 weeks. ??? I've reapplied and am praying. I've been looking for another job for 2 years almost. Know what it seems to take to get a job these days? Be young, be cute, have sexy clothes and no experience. I ain't young, I ain't cute, I walk with a cane, I ain't got any fancy clothes and I have 35 years of experience as a full charge bookkeeper.

I don't want to be a full charge anything anymore. Never got me anything but stress, more stress and a broken heart in more ways than one. Open heart surgery with 6 blissful months of no stress. Yes, stress does cause heart disease! I want a part time, sit-down job where I do something useful.

I don't need to earn a heck of a lot. Just enough to pay my exorbitantly high Kaiser dues every month and our bank loan. In 4 years I'll be able to get my Social Security and my Kaiser will cost one sixth what it does now! We will be able to see about a reverse mortgage. Alex and I both have to be retirement age since we are joint owners. And on and on...

I gotta knit some more. All prayers accepted!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Better late than never!

Hi folks! I meant to do this last night but my upgraded software wouldn't talk to my old camera. All fixed today so here ya go!

First, Here are some pics of what the kitties gave Alex on Father's Day. Alex loves it! He has had his morning tea in it everyday since he got it.

Isn't it cute? I want one with an orange tabby. It could say something like, "I'm just here to dispense catnip." or "I'm just here to be a lap." Are ya listening Hallmark?

I just received the last Round Robin quilt to work on. It's already queen sized! The originator says she doesn't care how big it gets so... hope she has a king size bed! Here's the pic that was sent to me before it arrived in the mail.

What you can't see is that there are lots of 3-D flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies, buttons, beads, rutching, flapping wings. Whew! This one is really gonna stretch me. Here are some close-ups of the details.

I'm thinking it needs some kitties outside the fence. Kitties gotta chase butterflies don't they? And we might need a mouse or 2 and maybe some more flowers. All on some pretty green backgrounds, I think. Any other ideas?

Finally got Virtual PC and EQ5 on eBay for a very good deal. Can't wait to play with it and use it for designing instead of Photoshop.

I have 3 more boxes of yarn to wind too. Pictures will follow. My hands are aching to knit!. I have 2 pairs of socks to finish and my Snoopy's Crayons shrug. And I need to get started on my Mom's vest. It's a Japanese style vest from Folk Vests. I think I finally have the right yarn! (Yeah, right. :o)

That's all for now. Love and Hugs to y'all!