Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Babble, babble...

Well, my dear granddaughter is of the opinion that I should post to my blog everyday, even if I don't have much to show and tell. So I shall!

Let's see... yesterday I left the house for the first time this year and ran a few errands. Had to mail a couple of very old craft magazines from the 1920's and 30's that I sold on eBay. I found out that I could print the mailing label AND the postage (paid through Paypal) right on my computer. Way cool! If I hadn't had other errands to run I could have had the envelopes picked up by the post office for free. I think this is really neat and I'm going to be selling a lot more stuff on eBay this year.

But, as I was saying, all I did yesterday was go out and run a few errands. Nothing too strenuous except for climbing in and out of the car a few times and getting up and down my rickety Victorian stairs. But this morning I woke up stiff and aching! No fair! Physically aging is no fun.

Almost finished with one of my green clogs. Just adding some green fuzzy stuff to the cuff tonight. I'll post a "before" picture before I felt these. They are so huge!

That's all the babble for tonight. :o)

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