Sunday, January 22, 2006


My cyber twin Laura has tagged me!

Four jobs in my life [best to worst]:Assuming these must be paid jobs...

1.) Lifeguard and swimming instructor at Temescal Pool. 1966
2.) Quilting lecturer and teacher, also did commission quilting, designed and published my own patterns and wrote a miniature quilting column for several magazines.
3.) Bookkeeper for Coastal Ordinance in San Leandro for Captain Wolfe. He was a good man.
4.) Bookkeeper for Encore Glass. Twenty Two year of pure misery.
(Absolute favorite job is what I am doing now, being retired and a knitting housewife.)

Four Movies you could watch over and over:

1.) The Abyss
2.) All Star Wars Movies
3.) All Harry Potter movies
4.) Any Jimmie Stewart movie

Four Places you have lived: Just 4? Sheesh!

1.) Thirty miles outside of Madison, Wisconsin, in a cozy trailer in the snow. 1949 - 1954
2.) Vancouver, B.C. Canada, 2 years of ice skating in the street, playing violin in the Kitsalano school orchestra, playing Badminton, loooong summer days camping with the Girl Guides, cycling to the beach for fish & chips with my best friend, and to the soda shop for 25 cent root beer floats on Saturdays. Good times! 1961 - 1962
3.) Millington, Tennessee in an off-base 2 room duplex, shared with a TON of cockroaches. My son David was born there and that is the only good memory I have of Millington.
4.) Benicia, California, in an 1887 Victorian 3 doors away from where Alex was born and raised. A real home at last!

Four Places you have been on vacation:

1.) 1978 - Cross country camping from Oakland, California to Dallas, Texas, in August, in a tent, in constant thunderstorms, with new husband Alex who had only left the state of California to go to Germany for the Army. Alex had never seen Carlesbad Caverns or the Painted Desert or the Indian countries. Or camped in a tent tied to the car so it wouldn't blow away in the pounding rain with lots of thunder and lightening. We were going so Alex could meet my Grandparents. My PawPaw died the day before we got there.

2.) 1980 - Camping alone in October for 2 weeks, moving from lake to lake in Northern California, fishing with the companionship of a darling kitten who adopted me in the wild and who loved to ride in the car. Peaceful and quiet at that time of year. I loved it!

3.) 1956 - Carlesbad Caverns and the Petrified Forrest, just me and my PawPaw. Sure miss him!

4.) 1959 - Cabin camping in Mina, Arkansas with my Dad's parents and brother, Grampa Mac, Coco and Uncle Mike. Good swimmin', fishin' and wraslin'.

Four websites you visit daily: Beyond a lot of blogs and knitting websites...

1.) My bank

2.) Buy & Hold to check on my tiny portfolio.

3.) Seattle Times to read Crankshaft.

4.) Grimmy to read Mother Goose & Grim.

Four of my favorite foods: Along with eggs any way, dark chocolate with nuts and caramel, BLTs, Southern fried chicken livers and fresh hot biscuits, cold hot dogs and cold pork and beans right out of the can...

1.) Shrimp, prawns, langoustine, whatever you want to call 'em. More is better!

2.) Rare filet mignon with sauted mushrooms and spinach salad (with baby shrimp). (Excuse me, I have to wipe my chin.)

3.) Crab (and shrimp) Louis, with fresh French bread and real butter.

4.) Creamy Navy beans with hot buttered cornbread.

Four places you'd rather be right now:

Can't think of any! I'm so happy right here, in front of the computer, knitting on the desk, television above, surrounded by beautiful yarn and affectionate kitties, talking to my friends.

Four Bloggers i am tagging:

1.) Yarn Harlot -
2.) Pink Lemon Twist -
3.) The Knitting Doctor -
4.) Will Work For Yarn -


Janine said...

Okay, so I've been what do I do? New to this game... :-)

Lorette said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'll get to work on my answers!