Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bits and pieces

Took a break from knitting to get my center done for the Treadleon Round Robin I talked myself into organizing. Have to mail it on Tuesday! Nothing like waiting until the last minute! :o) The centers I've seen so far have been medallions, that is, the same design on all sides. Like a compass rose or a feathered star. Mine is different in that it is a scene.

But I expect the other participants will have fun with it. It will be exciting to see how it comes back. I know how but I don't do applique so I hope there is some of that.

This scene is a tribute to a friend who died way too young. He was my quilt design partner and encouraged me to get into teaching and publishing my designs. He died while I was recovering from open heart surgery and I was so devastated I mostly gave up on quilting. It still appeals to me. But I find knitting much more rewarding, comforting and practical, at least these days.

Still working on my slipper pattern. The size tens for Vera were one thing. Being able to get more sizes is something else altogether. If others are going to use my pattern is has to be more user friendly.

Got to do laundry today so I'd better get to it! Bye for now. :o)

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:L, Laura said...

what happens in the round robin?
oh i know someone who you can trust to test knit and do it honestly and faithfully and helpfully