Thursday, January 26, 2006


Alex brought home a nice note from friend Vera today. She loved the slippers and they fit perfectly! That's a happy feeling. :o)

Nice thing number 2 is... Fiber Trends is interested in the pattern!!! That's a WOW feeling! And Alex is proud of me. That's an awesome feeling!!!

I "fell off the wagon" and bought a bunch of Sierra Bulky at Knit Picks. Now I know exactly why! Gotta work out different sizes for the slippers and knit samples. It was preordained! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :o)

Just finished winding the Sierra and filled up a whole 'nother bag. That's a yummy feeling.

Tomorrow I must clear off my desk and pay bills. That's a yucky feeling. But then I will finish 2 quilt projects that are on deadlines and that will be a relieved feeling. That relief started tonight as I found the 2 little bags of Civil War fabrics I had been saving. Cleaning up my room makes such simple magic.

And the topper for the good feeling day, my friend Lois is finally through with the Canadian election and we had our first "visit" in weeks tonight. I sure missed yacking with her online nearly every night. Guess I'm spoiled. Oh well!

Nighty night!

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Dee said...

Hiya, Gretchen, I have just started reading your blog. Very interesting and nifting stuff, I must say. Do you ever share your patterns with your readers? I am very much interested in your clogs, but my budget is tight. Oh, well, such is life. Maybe the library may have a book with similar ones in it. Wooohooo, a possibility. Have a great evening