Sunday, January 08, 2006

Busy Work

Why no post Saturday morning? Well... Friday was a busy day of wading through a pile of accumulated mail on my desk, balancing my accounts in Quicken, paying bills, reading a ton of email, submitting a resume for a part time job here in my hometown, discovering my fax line was dead and figuring out how to do it through my computer, dubbing tapes to DVDs for a friend, recording the new episodes of SG1, Atlantis and Gallactica for later dubbing and finally, ripping out the cuff on my clog and redoing it in the contrasting sole color.

After all that, while the knitting needles were still "hot" (so to speak) I cast on for the second clog and almost finished knitting all but the second sole before I looked at the clock. It was after 4AM! So instead of posting some babble on my blog I went to bed. I didn't even read my funnies or play a few games of Spider, as I usually do to relax me before bed. (Laura, it really does relax me! )

So what have I done today you ask? Pretty much more of the same. Plus I got a couple of books from my nephews that were "You ***really*** shouldn't have" gifts. But they were from my nephews so I felt obligated to go through them before I found better homes for them. One was the Redneck Grilling Cookbook. The pages are a quarter inch thick so it didn't take too long. There weren't any recipes that I would use but the illustrations were cute. The second was a 1996 book of Dilbert cartoons. Brought back all the horrid memories from the office and all the (insert your favorite derisive term here) I had to deal with for 22 years. Took far too long but I did it. I rewarded and consoled myself by going through the new Herrschners Yarn Shoppe catalogue. Lotsa yummy stuff in there! I am firmly on a yarn diet but... books don't count, right?

So, as soon as I post this blog entry I will read my Sunday funnies, try to finish the second clog, play a couple games of Spider and get to bed. Tomorrow will be clean my room, laundry, cook a pot roast, bake some cinnamon-raisin bread and felt my clogs. Along with reading all my email that ought to keep me busy, don't you think? :o)

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