Monday, January 09, 2006

Lists, schmists! And felting observations...

Yeah, so, I didn't get everything on the list done today. So what else is new? My lists are always overly wishful. Didn't get my room cleaned. That is ***FIRST*** on the list for tomorrow! Did get the pot roast done. Didn't bake bread. Did finish the clogs! They are on the rack in the dryer right now. Hopefully I can wear them when I get up tomorrow. Read a ton of email, browsed a little.

Observations on felting... this is the 6th or 7th pair of clogs I have felted, all successfully. I've always used warm water and it has taken about 20 minutes. Low water level and fast agitation and I always use the same shampoo (Pert Plus :o). This time I used hot water to see if it would go faster. Surprise! It took twice as long! And left twice as much fuzz for me to fish out. So. next time I do this I'll try cold water and see how that goes. Alex says I'm just impatient to see the magic happening, and he's probably right.

I wear my felted clogs constantly. And in a house with 9 kitties you can imagine what the bottoms look like after a while. I'm thinking of adding suede soles to see if they will stay cleaner longer. I've never had sweaty feet but I do have to remove little patches of fuzz from the inside that I guess my feet rub loose during wearing. But is is beyond me how those kitty whiskers get in there now and then! Sammy used to run off with a wool sock all the time and carry it around like it was a prized trophy. But he hasn't done that with any of the clogs. Maybe it's the shampoo?

So, anyway, tomorrow there will be a picture of the new clogs. And my room will be cleaned up and I'll finish Alex's birthday socks before I cast on the shawl I want to knit next. Maybe there will be a picture of the finished socks too! Maybe...

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