Thursday, January 05, 2006


Yesterday and today were spent trying to find the best way to add "MultiFizz" to the cuff of my slipper. Last time I made myself clogs I used something like "Whisper", but it was softer, had a longer eyelash and a very fine base. And I can't for the life of me remember where I got it or what it was called! This "MultiFizz" has a nice eyelash, is the perfect color, but has a very coarse base and the eyelashes are rather sparse. I've tried every technique I know of but it just won't work! So, I give up. I will felt them with no fuzzy stuff of the cuffs. (***pout***).

Here's a pic of the unfelted one so you can see the rediculous size. Isn't that hilarious? Judy and Brandon, that's what your slippers looked like before I shrank the heck out of them. That bump in front of the cuff is a cola can inserted to hold it up for the picture.

So now I'll cast on and knit the other clog so I can just get these done. Got lots of other stuff I want to knit!

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:L, Laura said...

you could do more than one row, or double strand the eyelash to get fuzz? i saw a soft eyelash at my lys just friday. can see what it's called. what color?