Saturday, December 22, 2012

The end of the world? Nah, keep knitting!

Well, the end of the world did not arrive. Just the end of an old calendar. I bet lots of old Mayans are having a good laugh. :o) So... where were we? April it was. Well, I've been knitting like mad since then, with a bit of crochet too. Making Christmas gifts ALL year! In my last post I was in the middle of a Kimono style sweater for my niece. Next came a filet crochet Dragon banner for my nephew Alec. Then a Unicorn for his Mom. Still need a couple of bamboo sticks from our jungle out back for hangars for the banners. Getting Alex to cut any of his precious bamboo is difficult at best. Then came a beautiful Celtic pillow for Alex about his favorite tree, the Oak. It has leaves and acorns and the celtic rune for the Oak tree. It's been hard to hide it all this time! Then a lined Celtic bag for my Mom. Dang! I never took a picture of the finished bag! It has a beautiful cable up the side that goes right into the strap. It came out really nice after the lining. I mailed it today before I knew I needed another picture. Sorry! Then a Celtic bag for my sister-in-law. It was finished long before she made my brother's life so miserable and tossed him out of the house. Not sure what to do with it now. And then I got brave and tried colorwork! This sweet little bag is for my very dear daughter-in-law. So now I am totally hooked on 2-handed colorwork! So I hope my son Matt will like this pillow. It needs a pillowform. May have to make one myself! Then a darling gingham rug for my brother. I pictured it at his bedside but now that he has to stay with his witch of a mother I don't know...
Then some beautiful colorwork Scandinavian mittens for my grandson. White on red. And a matching pair for his serious girlfriend. Red on white.
I need to go to bed so I'll publish this for now and fill in some details tomorrow. Nighty night!

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