Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Very Happy Sunday!

I just had a wonderful (too short) visit with my high school best friend. First time we've been able to hug and look at each other since before Alex & I were married. She lives waaay back east and we keep in touch with email, but it just isn't the same. She has been head nurse at a major hospital near D.C. for 35 years and has aged SO gracefully! She's the gorgeous redhead on the right.

I let her shop my yarn stash and am getting her into Ravelry so I can really start enabling! LOL!

This is Jan and her brother Mal. I had SUCH a crush when I was a kid! LOL!

Friday, April 16, 2010

April Update

Ok boys & girls! Time to catch up with the latest doings in the yellow Victorian on the corner. All the kitties are doing fine.

Mittens is SO bored in her safe little corner that she hops down and creeps into the hall now and then. I'm waiting for the day when she makes it all the way to my door without freaking out and running back. Unless she is curled up and sound asleep nobody makes it past her perch to the bathroom without a squeaky demand for attention.

Percy still lurks and watches Mittens every chance he gets. She's as close as he gets to someone to play with but she wants nothing to do with any other feline in this house. She's at least 9 years old but she still hisses and spits like a kitten. It's hilarious!

Merlin is still in complete awe of Cleo and Rufus still shrieks if she surprises him. Penny just chases her out of the living room now and then and everyone else tiptoes around her. Sometimes she and Kitty will run up and down the hall together and they seem to be having fun.

Arthur, Sammy & Kitty still vie for positions in Alex's lap. Kitty likes to get right in his face and kiss him. So cute!

Alex surrendered his loved to death Christmas sweater as soon as I finished the blue cabled sweater. You know what a blankie looks like after a kid has dragged it around for a while? He wore this poor sweater every day and night (except outside). Wouldn't hold still for a lint roller. Wouldn't give it up for washing and de-pilling. Now I can see if I can save it.

And here's the happy fella in his blue cabled sweater.

Made a toy ball for Crispin's birthday.

Just finished a lace stole for a quilting friend (Hi Annie!) in Galveston. Gonna block it tomorrow and it will look MUCH better than this.

Easter was nice but quiet. I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so my basket was filled with sugarless treats. I absolutely ADORE Russell Stover!!! And a sweet knitting friend in Canada (Hi Louise!) sent me a charming white basket with pink eyelet lining and filled with pink eyelash yarn with white pearls & cherry tea and all kinds of goodies.

My friend Di from Tennessee dropped by for a visit and apparently has dibs on my 1897 New Home Sewing machine in it's parlor cabinet. It was so good to see her again and the visit was far too short. Next Spring we are planning on a mini TOGA. You have to be a TreadleOnion to understand. :o)

Lets see, taxes are done, owe nothing, get nothing. My friend Jana is coming to visit next week. My hair is long enough to touch with my hand behind my back. Gotta teach Alex to braid it. He's the first sailor I ever knew who didn't know how to braid. Had my every 2 years eye exam today. They'll put the new lenses in my current purple frame so I am wearing my old glasses until they are ready. My ophthalmologist knows me so well we talked about my knitting and how I'll be glad I can read in the bathroom without taking my glasses off. LOL! And he's diabetic and gave me some insight to what my eyes do when my blood sugar goes up.

Well, it's bedtime so that's all for now. Seeya for the next update!