Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter Sunday and enjoyed your celebrations. We had our usual family dinner, with a lovely ham and all the fixin's. Everyone waddled out the door around 10pm. We had a late dinner so that nephew Seth could join us after work.

We tweaked our traditions a bit this year. Alex and I have been doing baskets for each other for 29 years. And cleaning up green kitty burps for days afterward every year. So I suggested not doing baskets this year and using our little collection of glass baskets instead. After all, they just sit on the sideboard getting dusty all the time. Better we should use them! Alex grumbled a bit but went along with it.

But when I said I didn't feel like coloring eggs this year poor old traditional Alex positively balked. Seventy year old Scots are verra gude at balking! He went right out and bought more eggs and a coloring kit. A new kind that uses liquid coloring and little sponges and makes a very colorful mess. He did a lovely job and I was very proud of him. A new tradition is born!

The Easter Bunny did us proud with all the empty glass baskets, for they were all filled with goodies this morning. Have a look!

This is one end of the table...

and this is the other.

This is a fun dish we use every year.

These are Alex's beautiful Easter eggs in a lovely Fenton glass dish he found at our annual Peddler's Faire.

This is a better look at the first 3 glass baskets. The one on the right has little silver roses where the handle attaches to the basket and the roses are signed. This is the first glass basket Alex gave me and it came from Macys years ago.

The middle basket is Fenton "Hobnail" and was found at Peddler's Faire.

The left basket is another from Peddler's Faire. I think it is Fenton but not positive. It is filled with what is now known as "hiding" eggs, which is what I grew up with and they get harder to find every year. My Mom is particularly fond of them too and, just before she went home, I spied her stashing a few in her pockets while everyone else was heading for the front door. I nearly died trying not to laugh! I would love to sneak into her house one Easter and hide eggs all over the place for her to find, like when I was a kid. She would love it!

This is a better look at the other 3 baskets. The one on the right is Fenton and a match for the dish with the painted eggs.

The one on the left is a little "cut" crystal (actually molded but very pretty) basket from... you guessed it, the Peddler's Faire.

And the green one in the middle is my favorite, another signed original from Macys. Last year the handle was broken off at the edge of the basket on both sides by felons (feline) unknown. Hooray for super glue!

This tall slender one arrived one Christmas, filled with cashews but not for long. *grin* Santa's helper confided that it might have come from a local collectibles shop. I don't remember if it is signed.

Well, that was a full day and night! I'm off to bed. Nighty night!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Next round robin

Been awfully busy with design deadlines and a few other things. But I just got the next round robin and thought you might like to see it. For the first time I had several ideas right away, well... with the generous help of someone with a PC and a copy of EQ. And my husband, and my SIL and nephew. :o) Anyway, I know just what I am going to do. Here's the before.

And here's how the after will (hopefully) look like.

I like the balance of it.

Now I have to go to bed early because there is a sudden family luncheon at my house tomorrow and everyone will be here before I am usually out of bed. So nighty night!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

RR #2 is on the way!

Finally finished my part on round robin #2 and am ready to pack it up and send it on to the next person. I was moving like molasses yesterday and just couldn't get the last frame border on before I fell into bed. And the sky was already getting light! Anyway, here it is.

The last person who worked on it and sent it to me said she thought it needed "calming down". Well, I don't know how much I calmed it down but I definitely lightened and brightened it. Those Spring/Easter colors were just calling me. And if it's too much or too little, then I hope my little gifts of love in the corners make up for it.

Now I have to get started on a slipper! Until next time, y'all be good! :o)