Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

This was supposed to be the last post of 2009 but nephew gave me a bug on Christmas and all I've been able to do is sleep. Cast on a new project last night after bringing in the New Year so things are looking up!

Christmas was very nice and everyone was very happy with their knitted gifts. My Mom even liked her "Tiggywinkle" (hedgehog). I am thrilled! Alex has been wearing his sweater everyday and that really says something.

Here's the Christmas scene before the rippin' & tearin" started.

We had dinner before we opened gifts. I guess self control comes with age even though Alex did whine a bit. But we did go through our stockings in the morning.

Were we having fun?

This is nephew Alec's finished vest.

And This is both nephews in their vests.

And Mary in her vest.

And my favorite, Alex in his sweater.

Me, I got books and DVDs, a new camera (gonna use it soon), a "six penny, brown Betty" Harry Potter wand with its own scabbard, a new Jim Shore Angel for my collection & several calendars.

All in all a very nice Christmas! So, Blessings to all and let the New Year be a HUGE improvement over the old!!!