Friday, September 24, 2010

Killing Time

While I was waiting for my errant vest pattern I HAD to knit something! So I gave a new thing a try.

Is it a string of cucumbers? A pickle garland?

Remember those balloon critters that a deft hand could twist up in seconds? This is the same thing, only knitted and stuffed on the way. And here we have... A Crocodile! Well, he needs eyes and I should have stuffed his nose more. But he's cute and one of the little boys next door will enjoy him. I love his scaly tummy!

BTW, the vest pattern finally turned up and I have begun knitting the back. TTFN!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update - WAY past due!

Large apologies for the lack of posting since April. I've been knitting gifts and just haven't wanted any peekers to take advantage. So, for now, I will list the knitting accomplishments with no clues. Let them guess!

In May I finally attained my 62nd year. To my surprise I was able to start getting my social security payments in 2 weeks! Mother's Day and Fathers day passed by quietly. For my sister's June birthday I crocheted a gorgeous purple shopping bag and mailed it in plenty of time for her birthday. For some unknown reason the package was returned to me by our delightful postal "service". I was so angry and frustrated that it didn't get delivered until September along with Mom's birthday gift. Here's the one Nini got.

In June my niece Mary graduated from Benicia High School and we were all SO proud of her! I wasn't able to be there but have I been able to get ONE single picture of the event? Anyway, this is what I made as a grad gift, and it looks perfect on her. I should've taken a picture myself but the busy little gal was in a hurry. We had just baked a bunch of cookies for her grad party, and the tasters were waiting in the car.

Also in June my adorable little brother Greg came over and we made pizza and baked bread. Lots of fun!

I finally did a project that I've had stashed away for a few years. It's a mitered, felted bag. Still needs a shave. And part of the strap didn't felt and needs to be done by hand. But it came out real nice!

I think I have just been working on Christmas gifts since then. This shawlette is knitted from a yarn named Oregon Coast and the colors in it are very subtle.

This purple shawlette still needs to be blocked. It is knitted from leftover yarn that was attacked by moths, so there are lots of sturdy joins.

I think I made Mom's shopping bag next. It is crocheted of leftover Noro Silk Garden with lots and lots of joins. She got this for her birthday this month. (Sept.) She had a really bad fall and shattered her femur just above the knee and is in rehab for a few months. So I hope this cheered her up a bit.

Back to Christmas knitting. I've been on a very happy lace knitting roll this year. This yellow lace pullover still needs to be blocked.

This is the first lace cardi I've seen that uses short rows to put the lace on a diagonal and it was a real joy to knit.

Then this cropped lace cardi had me going. It was like a good book you can't put down. The construction was really unusual. Still needs a little touch up on the point blocking.

Here's a mitered vest like a couple I made last year. Still needs a button and a wash.

And right now I'm working on a cute crocodile. Remember balloon animals? That's how this one is made. So far I have a nose, 2 eyeballs and 2 legs. LOL! I plan to make a few other critters in this way too. They are too cute!

Still waiting for a pattern I ordered for a knitted patchwork vest. When I ordered the pattern the website informed me that the amount was too little to be shipped. So I found some stitch markers I liked and placed the order. More than a week later the priority mail package had not been received so I contacted the website and was informed that the stitchmarkers had not been received yet and nothing would be mailed until the 13th! Nice of them to tell me eh? It is now the 15th and still no package, or notification of shipment. It's a shame that I could only find this pattern at this one website where the customer service is so bad and the mailing fee is double the actual cost. I'll never go there again! 9/16 - Got the package today and get this... they sent me the WRONG PATTERN!!! I've never outed anyone before in my life but, knitters, order from The Knitting Closet at your own risk!

Forgot to mention, since I've been on a new med I've lost more than 25 pounds, butchered my hair all by myself and am hiding until it grows out a bit and can be professionally "fixed". I'll definitely never grow it out again.

So, there you are, all caught up. I'll try not to let it go so long again. Now back to my croc and his tummy!