Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gifts and Storm results

I received so many wonderful gifts I still haven't absorbed them all. Remember to click on the pictures for a better look, especially the storm pictures.

There's a beautiful Spode Blue Willow teacup and saucer, a wonderful swirled glass vase with a signature that is partly ground off, a charming snow globe music box that plays Take Me Home Country Road, an interesting apothecary jar, 2 different books about communicating with my cats, a bar-B-Q cookbook, A book of letters between Queen Victoria and her eldest daughter, The Princess Victoria, Princess Royal and German Empress and Queen of Prussia.

Beautiful golden ornaments and munchy goodies that were in my stocking, and the ornate Oriental Duck is an addition to Alex's duck collection.

The fabric shaver (that really works!) that I've always wanted from my wonderful DIL.

The DVD I've been waiting for, and I can't believe I haven't watched it yet!

Self explanatory!

And now pics of the aftermath of the weekend storms. One of our 100 year old black acacia trees fell down and took out our and our neighbor's wires. The other black acacia, also as old, had been leaning over the years too and needed to come down. My dear brother and his father-in-law came with their chain saws and took down both trees. Mayhem is left in their wake but we are grateful, nonetheless.

This is the new view from the bathroom window. The kitties will miss chattering with the squirrels and watching the hummingbirds at the feeder.

The sad view from the porch.

What's left of the beautiful old tree that the squirrels used to hang out in. A lady wood turner already came by and took some very large pieces of trunk. I look forward to seeing what she does with them.

This is what's left of the old tree that fell. My brother was going to finish cutting down the main trunk and cutting up the fallen trunk but his FIL was worried about traffic backing up on the way home and another storm was coming in.

Smashed storage and benches. Lots of crushed beginning bonsai trees etc. All those buckets and bags and stuff you see in the pictures is stuff my pack rat hubby has brought home from other gardens, now exposed to the light of day.

The other side of the yard. Timber bamboo as big around as my arm not to mention about 40 other kinds of bamboo. With that huge head of a statue back in the jungle you could almost believe you were in an Indonesian jungle.

Well, that it for now. I'll check with my neighbor tomorrow about her pictures. Another storm is coming in tonight!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I know. I'm a little late. I've been a busy girl in many ways. The week before Christmas I spent 4 days in the cardiac ward having some hair raising tests which resulted in excellent news about my heart. But also taught me a serious lesson about letting go and not trying to be in charge of so much. Believe me it's a lot easier to say than to do. Especially when the whole family is coming for Christmas in a couple of days! But we got through it and enjoyed every minute. Took a few days to recover from being so tired but it was worth it. Some pictures...

Christmas morning.

The Christmas table.

Front to back, son David, DIL Jenny, Granddaughter Judy and Nephew Alec.

Front to back, Grandson Brandon, SIL Mary, Nephew Seth and my Mom.

My handsome boy David.

Brandon showing off his new fingerless mitts with Grandpa Alex handing out presents.

GD Judy, cat Sammy and DIL Jenny.

Brandon & Jenny patiently waiting to open packages.

Rufus hiding out from all the company.

Cleo hiding out under her first Christmas tree. Cleo is the only cat we've ever had who climbed the tree, and from the inside too!

Fingerless mitts for David that weren't finished until after he had to go home.

Next time, pics of Christmas goodies and of our devastated back yard after the week of storms.