Saturday, July 22, 2006

A little setback...

Hi y'all. There are more pictures and good stuff coming, honest. I had a good plan for catching up but I had a little accident that has set me back a little. Yesterday I lunged across our little bathroom to catch a falling bottle and mangled a muscle in my hip. Made my sciatic nerve mad too. So my war with the dust/thread bunnies had to wait a while. But not too long. At least today I could walk a little.

While my Roomba was scurrying around my room today I dragged the big vac with the long hose in here so I could sit in my chair and get those corners under my desk. Roomba doesn't do corners very well. Anyway, I would have waited to do this tomorrow but while I was having a nap after breakfast my computer shut itself down and wouldn't wake up. Seems the dust bunnies and the 104f temperature today overwhelmed it and the fact that the a/c was on along with a fan didn't help at all. So I just had to wage war with the hoard and rescue my computer. Vacuumed all around it then opened it up and vacuumed it inside. Not too bad but the poor heat sink was hot enough to roast marshmallows. So I aimed a fan at the heat sink for a while until it cooled down, crossed my fingers and turned it on. I was SO happy to hear that lovely Mac "bong"! Now I am keeping a fan on the space in the back so it doesn't happen again. Keeping a better handle on the dust/thread bunny herd would be a good thing too, ya think?

Haven't picked up my knitting yet. My right thumb, the one with the worst beginnings of arthritis, has started "clicking" for want of a better term. It's a weird sensation to say the least. Doesn't make it hurt any more than it did so for now it's just a strange thing. I WILL knit tomorrow!

Lastly, a dear friend's young daughter has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is about to start treatment. Very scary. The round robin I was just working on is for her Mom. They are in my prayers. And another friend just went through two dental abcesses at the same time and is suffering the after effects in a very hard way. She is in my prayers too. All extra prayers are welcome!

Nighty night all!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where have I been?

Hi all! This will just be a short entry, but it's a start on catching up. This is the round robin quilt top I have been slaving over. Mailed it to the last participant today. Tomorrow I hope to start getting my life back together!

My studio is a total disaster area! The dust bunnies are ganging up with the thread bunnies and are harassing the kitties! SO much to do tomorrow!!!