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Here I am, catching up again. *sigh* Someone who reads my blog needs to rattle my cage once a month and maybe I would do better. It's really hard to put down my knitting! But when a reader lets me know she just looked at all the same project pics again I am truly chagrinned and must try to make up for my single mindedness.

Ok, what has happened since February? Let me think...

We gave my son (David) Alex's little catamaran that has been in sister (Alex's) Mary's garage for over 30 years. David came up from Los Angeles to dig it out of the garage and tow it home and restore it. He's been having a lovely time with it.

That yellow blankie I frogged? I decided to design my own, in soft red yarn. The trouble with designing as you knit is making changes, making it better, ripping back to the changes and reknitting. I couldn't see where changes needed to be made until I had knitted past the area. Hard to explain, but it worked and the recipient loved it. Expectant Mom/next door neighbor who I watched grow up from a tot. Gave it to her on her birthday, which happens to also be my birthday.

Sometime in March we had a big storm and a scrawny, dripping wet kitten washed up on our porch and, naturally, we took it in. Alex was positive it was a male and so we thought the very sore looking area on its tushi was a not-very-well-done job of neutering. We named it Tavish which is a male name for a Scottish redhead. (Orange striped tabby) After a few weeks Tavish started to look lumpy and had a growling fit whenever anyone tried to touch below the waist. I told Alex I thought Tavish was a she and pregnant at that. This kitten was no more than 6 months old when we took her in. She must've just been ravished before she got to us. The lumps grew and grew and started rolling around and I was worried about their little mother giving birth. On May 13th my worries came true. After 2 hours of hard labor she had only delivered one tiny back paw and the tip of a tail. Mom was too little and the baby was breech. Off to the vet where 6 babies were delivered by cesarian section. The vet said we had 2 boys and 4 females.

Tavi's first day with us.

Tavi & babies at 2 weeks.

At 4 weeks...

The little dark striped girl in front, yawning is Zoe. On the left front is Li'l Fuzzy, the only male. He went to live with a tall, handsome young man just home from college. He is called Calcifer now. The one behind him is LittleBit who went to live with my nephew when he came home from a long stay in the hospital. Next to her (the smallest) is Tawny (the biggest of the shorthairs) who went with IttyBit to live with my nephew. Next to her is Poppie and behind her is Chloe. Zoe, Chloe & Poppie all stayed here to live with us.

Eventually they started escaping to wobble around my knitting room and it wasn't really safe for them. So we moved them into the bathroom and put a big flat box across the door. There was kitten food, water and a litterbox in there so Tavi could teach them and they would be safe. The first one to get over the door box would free them all.

This was their first cat tree (in the bathroom).

This is Chloe at 2 months...

This is Poppie... For a while she was called Howie and was going to be adopted. When we all found out he was a she the adopter left in a huff and hasn't spoken to me since. Their loss! Poppie is an adorable little girl who loves my lap. So there!

This is Calcifer in his new home, making new friends.

This is Poppie today, and 2 bad pics of Chloe and Zoe. (New camera.)

Tavi loves to play with her girls and is finally putting on weight, but she will never be any bigger than she is now, I don't think. Her babies are almost as big as she is. She's a spectacular mom! She let them nurse until just a few weeks ago. She would actually call them! Now when they sneak up on her looking for a snack she just sits on them. LOL!

This is Alex doing docent duty at the Golden State Bonsai garden by Lake Merritt in Oakland. He does at least 1 day a month.

This is my Great Grandfather Stark's house in Joplin. I haven't found out yet if it survived the tornado.

Ok, back to knitting. This is for my Mom but needs to be blocked.

This is Flappy the Flounder, knitted for little James next door on his 2nd birthday.

This is a cardie I started for myself then put on hold to work on gifts. It is knit of sock yarn.

I got sidetracked working on this for a gift for Alex. It's counted and tiny! My old eyes needed a break so I went back to knitting. I'm still trying to finish the kitten! Maybe next year.

This is a onsie for a new baby coming in August. James' little brother next door. Presented at the baby shower. It has tiny little snaps in the crotch.

This is a gift for one of my nieces. It needs blocking and buttons.

This is a snuggly afghan for my brother. My niece will be jealous but she will get a nice one next year.

This is a jacket/cardie for another niece. The yarn is pure silk and a royal pain to knit with. But the color is perfect.

And right now I'm working on an Aran for Alex. I'm not far enough along yet for pictures but soon. I'm using a strand of worsted and a strand of DK in the same colorway (Tidepool Heather) held together to get the Aran gauge. The DK is slightly lighter in color which adds to the heathered effect, to me anyway. Any of you out there can follow the project on Ravelry as I shared it to the public.

So yes, I've been busy! But I am definitely behind.

My granddaughter Judy graduated from high school, turned 18 and seems to have just vanished. She was living with her mother and brother in one room at her aunt's. She should've been living with her father in my humble opinion but the idiot judge thought different and only let her be with her Dad and half brother every now and then. So now, hopefully, she is in college, maybe staying with her long time boyfriend (who lives with his parents and goes to college) and will eventually get back in contact with us. I sure miss her!

Alex just celebrated his 76th birthday. I gave him a nostalgic theater style popcorn maker. Best popcorn maker we've had in years! Keep throwing popcorn in the kettle and it keeps popping and overflowing into the bin. Very cool!

So now it's time for me to go to bed and I've only knitted one round on the Aran. But it feels good to get this done and off my conscious finally. Love and good knitting to all my readers! All 3 of them! :o)

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