Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Coming up roses!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter and/or Passover. Ours was quiet. We did brunch with a few family. Enjoyed the day. But I couldn't stay away from the roses!

This is where I am as of tonight. You're looking at 24 half roses, 12 are mirror image. So far (knock on wood) I've had very little trouble with the mirror image thing. Here's a close-up.

Still to do is the other half of the rose and leaves and stems underneath.

Going to bed early tonight (for me). Step brother Greg is coming over tomorrow to brush up on his sewing skills and learn to piece a quilt. I have just the machine for him and hope he will end up taking it home. He is even willing to learn to knit! He wants to make an afghan. I told him how my Dad used to knit socks, argyle no less. He misses my Dad nearly as much as I do. Gone 4 years last month. Greg's visits are always so relaxing and comfortable. We can chat about anything! He says I'm a lot like my Dad. He's so nice.

Anyway, lots to do tomorrow so I have to (ugh) get up early. Anyone want to come over and help me move sewing machines around? :o)

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