Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bloomin' Crazy!

All quilters are crazy, you know that don't you? I mean, they buy big chunks of perfectly good fabric, cut it up into little pieces and sew the pieces together again. Crazy!

Well, sometimes a quilter has got to do whatever works. See, I had this perfect fabric for the rose leaves. And I cut every little bit of it. This fabric has been in my stash for at least 20 years and I owed it to myself not to waste any of it.

I'm down to piecing the last little unit I need to finish the rose blocks. Had some problems on one of the bud blocks before and had to do some cannibalizing, but I thought I was being careful not to cannibalize any of the pieces for the big roses. Well, looks like I made a big booboo with this last piece for the last leaf. It's not the right size or shape. I don't have anymore of this fabric and I can't afford to buy more even if I could find a match. What to do??

It's supposed to be a 1-5/16 inch square. What I have is a bunch of 1 x 1-1/8 inch rectangles. But there are more than 24 pieces so I decided to sew the pieces together and see what I could get out of it. What I got was 24 pieces that were 1-5/16 inch on one side and 1-1/8 inch on the other, 3/16 short on one side. This square is for a sew and flip corner. Since some of it will be cut off after it is sewn I can afford to fudge the seam a little and make it work. So, one little piece has a seam. There are already a bazillion seams in these blocks so one more won't hurt. Here's a pic of the back.

And here's a pic of the front.

And here is a pic of the TWO blocks that are finished so far. Only 22 to go!

And lastly here are my 2 roommates, at peace with one another, asleep in their cozy beds and within my reach if they need a little loving. I love a peaceful night!

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