Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time is flying!

Miss me? Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Finished the crochet project and the pattern is now in review by the publisher. Started working on another pattern project, knitted this time. A shrug in Schaefer's Elaine in the color called "Snoopy's Crayons". I love this stuff! Here's a little peek at one sleeve in progress.

I hear a lot of knitters fussing about "pooling", where the color in a hand painted yarn will begin to make pools of color instead of stripes. Well, I like it! It's fascinating to see how the color changes with only a few stitches decreased.. This is also going to be submitted for publication, in a knitting magazine this time. Wonder what they will say about the pooling? Maybe make me knit another one with yarn that won't pool? Fine with me. I want to keep this one anyway. Can anyone recommend a thick & thin bulky multicolor yarn that can't pool?

Took a short break from knitting to get this next round robin done. Have to mail it on Friday. Finally decided I was going to do a wide border of several pastels. It's going to be a checkerboard type border. But the corners will add a little gift of love. :o)

That was my first try at paper piecing! It was a 6" block but I shrank it down to a 3" block. I love to do itty bitty things. Just my personal craziness. Well, one of them anyway. I've made so many miniature quilts compared to how many full sized I've made. They're just so fast and fun! I have a gazillion quilts in my head I'd like to make but will never live long enough. Making them in miniature gets some of that out of my system. Anyway, these little gift wrapped hearts will go in the corners of the Sunbonnet Sue round robin. I'll post a picture of it before I mail it.

And my slipper pattern has been accepted and they want a sample quick! And the shrug pattern is on a deadline too. And a cabled bag pattern. Whew! I feel sorry for anyone who is bored being retired. Poor yes, but never bored.

Have you done your taxes yet? I did mine last week. Had no income to report except my little "profit sharing", which had 20% Fed tax taken out. So, a nice little return from the Feds, and pay a part of it to the State. But it sure will help since the nest egg is almost gone.

Let me see, what else has been keeping me busy? Finally signed up for unemployment. To h-e-double-hockey-sticks to the boss who swore he would fight unemployment, as he fired me, while I was in the hospital. I have to have a phone interview next month and tell the sad details all over again. Don't look forward to that at all. Probably have to explain again why I didn't get a lawyer when my workman's comp was denied. Lawyers are expensive! And how do you fight someone who has lots of money and lots of lawyers and no morals about lying and getting others to lie for him too? Oh, don't get me started!

Ok, I am calm now. 8*} About time to wind down and get to bed. Gonna finish that border on the round robin tomorrow and then back to knitting. Gotta get a sample slipper done, quick! Nighty night everyone! Love and hugs!

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