Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Always seem to be...

...trying to catch up! So let's see. Pieced 2 sets (24 blocks) of Origami Bow Ties in Civil War reproduction fabrics, sewn on my 1876 Singer New Family model 12. The old gal did quite a good job and I am proud of her. Not bad for 130 years old! Got the blocks all signed and mailed off my "squishy" today. In a couple of weeks I'll get back another squishy with 24 blocks from other exchange participants.

Got the next Round Robin to work on in the mail Saturday. It's so cute! I think the computer need a teensy little Mac Apple on it. And Miss Sunbonnet Sue needs some lace and ruffles. Not sure what I'm going to do for a border. The last person to work on it seems to think it needs "calming down". Hmmm...

Finally got around to mailing my granddaughter's ruffly wrist warmers to her. I'm starting to get used to going to the post office. It's close enough to be a quick trip that doesn't leave me super anxious to "just get home". Even Alex is a little impressed that I am going out to run little errands more often. Maybe there's hope for the old hermit after all! :o)

I am itching to get back to knitting! Got to do a couple of quick design submissions for a new crochet book first though. And I can't leave the Round Robin until the last minute this time. HAVE to mail it by the 31st! And the taxes are waiting to be done. It will be interesting this time, after my first year of retirement.

Well, time for bed. Nighty night!


:L, Laura said...

great pics and wonderful work! bet your gd will love the wristwarmers.
i got off my submissions today too, and felt that i "hit the wall" afterwards, as i'm also working on felted items for book in addition to the 5 swatches and sketches. at least al likes my sketches... kinda funky and i can't show you...
am doing one more swatch and then on to another item to be felted.
the hat failed it's first time, so will have to be redone and i have to make some measured swatches.

hugs a bunch! :L

:L, Laura said...

ps that is not an "i" laura, but an L laura and the computer makes it lower case and that weird sig look. i may have to figure out what to do to change my post sig.
i haven't done the taxes either, but i do have a clipboard with the start of paperwork on it, lol. al has off from 15th thrrough 27th so i think i will do taxes just for some peace while he has a scifi marathon. ;-)