Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sidetracked again!

Just when I thought I was free to knit again something else comes up. An invitation to submit a crochet design for a book. Can't pass that up. I need income! Can't show the design but you can peek at the sample.

That's all you get to see. Don't mean to tease. :o)

Haven't done this for so long that my crochet callus on my ring finger has to build up again. Can you say sore?

That's about it right now. Still watching my Olympic tapes and enjoying all of it so much. Storm after storm after storm has been coming through. We even had a rare tornado warning this afternoon in our county. Rain, hail, even snow down at sea level but none in my yard. Very rare for the California Bay Area. I love it!

Gotta do a couple more rows before bed. Seeya!

1 comment:

:L, Laura said...

i love it!
the filet crochet is so pretty,
as is the color you used.
amazing. i don't know how at all so i can ooh and ahh.
and i think the book folks would be nutz not to say yes yes yes
and pay you triple the going amount!