Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Round Robin #1

Tonight finished three intense days of measuring and cutting and piecing and sewing and pressing and snipping and remembering what it was like to do this all the time. Now it's time to pack it up and mail it on to the next Robin. The next one is already in the mail to me and I am definitely not going to procrastinate on this one! Here's a picture of what I added to the center square.

I chose colors out of Kelly's background fabric to use in the flying geese. She wants her block to end up on point so, at first I was trying to figure out what to do for corners to do what she wants. But I wasn't inspired so I'll let the next person figure out the corners. :o) The geese are all flying toward the point so I at least acknowledged Kelly's wish.

Next I need to sew a bunch of blocks using my 1890's hand cranked Singer sewing machine and Civil War reproduction fabrics. Have to get those in the mail by Saturday. Then a little break to finish the slipper patterns and then start contemplating the next Round Robin center.

I recorded ALL the Olympics because I didn't want to miss anything and I knew I wouldn't be able to catch it all "live". Tonight I watched the women's snowboarding. One of them is named Gretchen! How cool is that! Someone in the crowd was holding up a huge sign that said Gretchen USA. Love it!

Well, been a long day and I am ready to rest. Lots to do tomorrow! G'night all!

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