Monday, December 26, 2005

A WONDERFUL Christmas!

I hope all my friends had a wonderful Christmas day. We sure did! We fell into bed much later than planned last night while Santa tapped an impatient toe on the roof. Got a few hours sleep then up early to get the bird into the oven and get the vacuuming and tidying finished. Had a quick breakfast and went through our stockings then settled down to wait until the kids arrived, which was supposed to be around 2PM. For the first time EVER we decided to wait until we were all together to open gifts, much to Alex's dismay.

At 2PM my Mom arrived. We checked the turkey and it was done much earlier than expected. We were supposed to eat at 5! So we tented the bird and let it rest and keep warm. Time ticked by... nobody arrived. By 3:30 we were a bit worried. David was driving down from Jenny's Uncle's house in Sacramento and the weather wasn't great for anyone, much less someone driving in unfamiliar territory. I went to check my email and there were 3 from Jenny. They had left later than expected and were bogged down in traffic. At 4:30 sister-in-law Mary and nephew Alec arrived. Still no kids! Check the email! They were through the traffic and were about 20 minutes away.

Tick... tick... tick... 4:55, there are footsteps on the porch. The kitties hear children's voices and vanish to their hiding places. They're here!!! Hugs all around. Ooohs and aaahs over the Christmas tree, the heaps of colorful gifts, the inviting dining table. Let's eat! No unwrapping until after dinner. "Aw Mom!" And that was Grampa Alex! :o)

Dinner was a royal success. Now for the unwrapping! No orderly one-at-a-time for us. Gifts were piled around each recipient and the mayhem commenced. I was so busy taking pictures that I had hardly unwrapped anything when everyone else was done. Lordy! What wonderful things! A mouse pad with a picture of the family on it. Coffee mugs with pictures of the kids on them. Coasters with pictures of the kids on them. Wow! Mary gave me a framed picture of Alex from when he was a football star in high school back in the 50's. It quickly joined the rest of the family pictures on the piano. And so much more.

Judy and Brandon were joyful over each present. The felted clogs brought excited squeals and were put on immediately. They fit!!! Disbelief that I made them and demands to explain how they were made.

Who me? Happy? :o) You betchum!!!

We tidied up and the kids played and hunted for kitties in hiding. Then it was time for dessert. Mary had made a tray of individual lemon cheesecakes, a tray of individual chocolate bundt cakes, piles and piles of fabulous cookies, and my Mom brought a pumpkin pie. So we all lounged at the table with coffee and Bailey's Irish Cream, having a little of this and a little of that. By the time Brandon was trying to feed crumbs to his Lego charcters and Judy had a lapful of contented kitty we had all had a wonderful relaxed gab session and caught up on all the latest news.

The grandkids and I wandered off to my messy room to "Lookit alla yarn!" and find Judy some replacement knitting needles for the ones she had lost and answer a bazillion questions from Brandon about "What's this?" and "Did you make that?" and "Can you make this for me?" etc. etc. etc... David came in to use the computer for a map to their next destination, Jenny's Sorority sister where they were spending the night before heading back to Los Angeles on Monday.

So, lots of hugs and kisses and fond farewells and suddenly the house was quiet again. The kitties came creeping out of their hidey holes to sniff out all the strange smells and beg for treats and cuddles now that it was "safe". Alex and I looked at the happy mess and took a lovely nap.

Here are the best of the pictures for you to enjoy. The pretty table before the feast, the happy crowd around the table, the Jedi trainees with their light sabers and the kids with their felted clogs and delighted smiles. Enjoy!

Now if we can just keep the kitties off the table!

Around the table from the left... daughter-in-law Jenny, grandson Brandon, son David, granddaughter Judy, my Mom, Alex's sister Mary, nephew Alec and hubby Alex.

The well done and falling apart turkey.

Jedi Brandon with blue light saber.

Jedi Judy with purple light saber. (I tried to sneak off with this one but...)

Brandon with red clogs.

Judy with purple clogs. Did I mention she's a "purple person"? :o)

And there you have it! A WONDERFUL Christmas!!! Now I just have this piece of dressing encrusted turkey skin to finish munching and I am off to bed for a loverly "long Winter's nap", and I am sooooo ready. (yaaaaaawn). I'll just post this and check it and... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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