Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ta Da!!!

Lyra is done! I am SO relieved! I worked hard to convince it that it was supposed to be a square. I am quite pleased with my first ever effort at "real" lace. But you know what? Next one is going to be round! :o) Those corners came out really nice (I think) but actually it was hard to block the rest of it to go along with the corners. If I could just do 4 of those corners and make a doily without all the rest I would love it.

The great thing is that I now know I *can* knit real lace, and that I really enjoyed it. Here are a few pics. Wish I had Mary's table to show it on but I won't be able to do that until after Christmas. BTW, she doesn't "do" computers, so I am safe. :o)

Now I have to go check on Alex. He was dozing in front of the telly when I went in and turned on the Victoria's Secret "Fashion" Show" and bumped his chair on the way back to my room. Didn't hear any desparate gasping but I did hear him muttering the word absurd. I do love my man!

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Romi said...

It is absolutely *gorgeous*! :)