Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Christmas elf name!

Christmas Elf Name

My Christmas Elf Name is
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Peppy? That's what I wish I was right now! Trying hard to make Christmas gifts, decorate our little tree, continue de-cluttering as the situation comes along and just remember everything that needs to be done before Christmas. Yikes! A package from Sears containing 4 Christmas presents for Alex and my grandkids has not been delivered yet. Even though the UPS tracking page says it was delivered last week! Maybe it was delivered but it wasn't to MY address! So I'm waiting for email from Sears and UPS. What is an elf to do!? Make elaborate IOU's and wrap them in large boxes so the tree has more under it? Oh well, what will be will be. I'll just keep praying. :o)

Here's are a couple more kitties from our herd. First is Arthur, Merlin's brother. Second is Kitty (the creme Burman) and Trilby.


:L, Laura said...

that's horrible! any chance alex put it in garage or somewhere to be helpful or your neighbor got it for you on a rainy day?

at least you know we love you... and after all, christmas is about the love in our hearts and not the stuff under our trees!

:L, Laura said...

happy holidays - hop eyou have a wonderful christmas eve and christmas day- full of blessings for you and alex... and that my envelope for you and box arrive!