Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is at their favorite New Year's Eve pastime. Me, I got blackeyed peas in the pot, a ham in the oven, hot buttered cornbread, and fudge and champagne with peaches for dessert. I am knitting (of course :0) and watching MacGyver DVDs I got for Christmas from my nephew.

I finished nephew's scarf the day after Christmas, then got granddaughter's ruffly wristers done. The clogs I made myself last year need a deep cleaning break so I'm making myself another pair tonight. Last year's were royal blue. This year's are 2-tone green and I've got the perfect fuzzy stuff for the cuff. :o)

I love Richard Dean Anderson! Got acquainted with him this year while becoming a dedicated fan of Stargate SG1. Nephew always fussed at me for never having seen MacGyver and that's why he gave me the DVD set of the first season. He's so young and skinny! But he sure is cute! And clever! I sort of miss the cynicism that he has in SG1 though. I wish Jack were in more episodes this season. I hope he and Carter are secretly married or carrying on behind the scene. :o)

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful New Year, full of health, happiness, financial comfort and lovely, scrumptious, contented knitting. Here are a few pics. The nephew's scarf, granddaughter's ruffly wristers, and some more kitties!

For the scarf I used one hank of Schaefer's Elaine in the colorway "Nancy Ward" and one hank of a blue-gray Cascade. Simple pattern. One edge stitch, 3 garter st., 15 st. of 3x3 rib, 3 more garter st. and another edge stitch. I knitted until I ran out of yarn and it was perfect! He wanted a 6 foot scarf and that's exactly what he got. :o)

This is the "Mrs. Beeson" pattern from I used a Patton DK weight and a sock yarn I don't know the name of. They are fairly easy to knit and next time I will add beads. Found excellent directions here (Thanks Deb!)

Now let's see, you've met Merlin and Arthur, Trilby and Kitty and Percy. So here are Rufus, Polly, Sammy and Penny.

Rufus is about 4 years old, still a teenager. That fuzzy blue pad was in the carrier I brought him home in when he was a teensy orphan and he hasn't been parted from it since. He "nurses" on a fuzzy spot when he's feeling really contented. And he sleeps with his yellow blankie and loves to be tucked into it on a chilly night. He's very affectionate and sweet, but he can be a rambunctious little guy when he feels like it.

Polly is nearly 18 years old. Her adorable brother, Uncle Mitzie, was everyone's best friend but he passed away last year. Polly is a big, foofy old sweetie. When she meows it is hardly ever audible. But when she walks around with her favorite mousie in her mouth she yodels up a storm!

Sammy is about 16. He's sweet, sort of a dufus, will eat anything but citrus and never gains any weight. If you give him a toy with feathers he will growl and scurry off to a corner with his "catch". He loved Uncle Mitzie and misses him so much he cuddles up to Polly every chance he gets.

Penny is Sammy's sister. She's sweet and loves attention, but to most of the male kittie in the house she is "walking bait". Meant to be chased at every opportunity. So she lives on top of the refrigerator most of the time and has her own private cat tree to get up there. She's a fangless wonder too. Had to have them pulled a couple of years ago. So she has this weird little sneer now and then.

And now you've met them all!


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