Monday, September 17, 2007

EFC Update

Not a very good picture I know. Click on the pic for better detail. But you can see where I am. Joined the shoulders, knit the front bands, remembering to reverse the buttonhole side. (Note to Self: ALWAYS keep the edge stitch in stockinette. Much easier to pick up stitches.) Learned a new (to me) bind off for K1P1 rib. It's done with a tapestry needle and is sort of like Kitchener only easier. Next time I do a sock toe I'm going to put all the stitches on one needle and try it this way. Saw it on It's called the Knit-One Purl-One Bind-Off and the videos are very clear.It makes a very nice edge and doesn't flair the ribbing at all. I love it!

Next to knit the collar, sew on the sleeves and sew up the sides and find some appropriately woodsy buttons. Then to wash and block and wrap it up safe.I probably could've knocked off a day of knitting if I wasn't so obsessive/compulsive about picking cat hairs off of it. I live with 10 cats for goodness sake! The black ones with white tips are from Cleo. The orange ones are from Merlin. The orange ones with a little white are from Rufus. The super wispy light grey ones are courtesy of Percy and Mittens. The occasional long shiny white ones... well even my hair seems to want to get into the act. I need one of those itty bitty vacuums like they use on computers.

So there you are, updated. Seeya later!

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Tonya said...

Gretchen did you say that was for me for Christmas **winks** great job well done...I am jealous and amazed at you abilities.