Thursday, September 06, 2007

EF Update and Mau?

Hi folks. Been knitting like mad on the EF cardi.

Both fronts.

And the back. I'm knitting the sleeves now. Didn't want them to be plain moss stitch so I've added a tree.

Thank you for all the lovely comments!

Someone emailed me about Mittens being an Egyptian Mau. I answered her that I thought Mittens was a small grey tabbie but never heard an answer. Eventually I looked up the Egyptian Mau and realized she must have been talking about Cleo! Yes she definitely looks like she has a lot of Mau in her genes.

I named her before I knew about that. I named her Cleopatra because she is a very relaxed kitty and her pose made me think of Cleopatra an her barge floating down the Nile. In the picture above she is sitting on top of a pile of kitty toys. In the short time she has lived here she has grown out of that box but she still loves it.

Here she is, thinking about moving her lazy self to go catch a feather toy.

Here she has caught the silly thing when it ventured too close and saved her the effort. She is still growing. Look at those feet! Everyday she gets more beautiful and a little bigger. All the male cats in the house are in complete awe, but she keeps them in their place. She likes to hunker down and waggle her hind end whenever she sees little Mittens. Mittens is so small she must look like a toy to Cleo. But as a grown up lady of some years I'm sure she would love to teach Cleo some respect.

Till next time, keep knitting and love your kitties!


Joan said...

The sweater looks wonderful! I love the color.

Alison said...

Wow, that sweater is gorgeous! And it's so hard to find a really good green yarn, but you did.

--AlisonH at