Sunday, September 23, 2007


The sweater is finished. All seams sewn. All ends tucked in good. What I need now are the perfect buttons. At first I was thinking something woodsy like Oak leaves or Acorns. Well, my brother Greg and I went on an adventure to Petaluma today. We went to a quilting store where we bought each other early Christmas presents. We went for a walk and found a high end knitting store where all I could afford to do was pet the yarn and breathe the heavenly fumes.

And we went to a bead store. The first thing I saw when I walked in were a lot of pretty glass "donuts" in various mouth watering colors. But the green ones really caught my eye as the perfect color (and size) for buttons for the sweater. But it's only got one big hole in the middle. I needed something to put in the middle that was slightly bigger than the hole that I could use to attach the big button to the sweater.

So, here are the beads.

And here are the buttons. Cool eh? Now give me a little time to get the sweater vacuumed (cat hair), washed and blocked and put the buttons on and I'll show you the finished sweater before I wrap it up and hide it. :o)


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Alison said...

As soon as I saw those donut shapes, I was thinking, beads... You beat me to it, and they're beautiful!