Friday, April 24, 2009

Time flies...

Well folks, I really must apologize! It has been a busy year so far and I am loving it!

Alison lost her colon unfortunately. But she is home and much better now and trying hard to gain weight. What a problem to have eh?

The reverse mortgage went through and it was SUCH a joy to pay off all our bills. So far living on our income is working fine. My biggest worry now is what happens when I am widowed and have to pay off the loan so I don't loose my home. I'm working on it.

Meantime I have been knitting like mad. I mean, I'm really on a roll!

I had all this gorgeous red CotLin from KnitPicks and made this for me. Yeah, it's crocheted. But I love it!

A purple February Lady Sweater that was supposed to be for me. But since my sis is a "purple person" and would probably rip it off my back, she will get it for Christmas. I have the perfect buttons for it.

Then there was this really neat hat I just had to make. Alex is modeling it but his friend took it right off his head. So I will make another and maybe e few for gifts.

And then SIL Mary's birthday was coming up and she loved the purple FLS. But she's a red head and loves green so I took her yarn shopping and made this. She's a happy girl!

Then I took some time and finally got most of my yarn stash posted on Ravelry. That was a job! I still have more to post but I was so itchy to be knitting again so I made this hoodie for my niece Mary. She loves yellow. She doesn't know about it yet. I plan to get a pic or 2 of her in it someday.

Then my new Vogue Knitting mag came and the cover got me all excited. So I started the Botanica Medallion Cardi for my other niece Laura. She looks exquisite in coral and I had this in my stash so... I am hoping to swap with another Raveler for a few more skeins to finish it.

I'm up to 140 rows on the outer ring so I'll take another pic tonight.

I'm gonna be 61 in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll get yarn???

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