Thursday, April 30, 2009

Out of yarn!

Well, it happened as predicted. 294 rows done out of 384 needed. Found a skein and a half for sale and it is in the mail to me from Florida.

So I spent time entering all my knitting books & magazines into my Ravelry library. It's pretty cool. If I click on anything in my library I get a list with pictures of all the projects in the book or magazine. If I click on a project I get a list of all the other folks who have done the project. I can see pictures of what their projects look like, what different yarns they used, notes they made. It's like a knitalong for every project!

Then I entered all my knitting needles and crochet hooks, except the steel ones because the form isn't set up for that yet. All of Ravelry is a work in progress. It is still a Beta and is already so big they are getting a new server.

My Summer Interweave Knits just arrived. Gotta go!

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Alison said...

Sounds like the yarn to finish it will be a great birthday present and right on time. Beautiful knitting all around!

It took me a moment to realize why the red sweater so grabbed me: it's a v-neck, slightly overlapping, with softened edges going from the neckline on down--reminds me of certain shawl patterns... Oh. Right. That must be why.

--AlisonH at