Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Well folks, here's to a much better New Year, for us ALL! We are SO ready! Alex has surgery for his cantaloupe next week, finally. And, if all goes well, our reverse mortgage should be coming together in a couple of weeks. It will be so good to pay off the bills, buy groceries without credit and not worry constantly about how to pay the next bill. Seems this old Victorian we have lived in for 21 years is worth a lot more than we paid for it.

So, here are a bunch of pictures I have been saving up for my blog.

Our modest little Christmas tree.

Finished Bramble Bag for my SIL Mary.

My clean studio just before the house appraisal.

Alex giving the kitties a taste of some new kitty crunchies he just brought home from the store.

Necklaces knitted for my nieces. I made extra balls for kitty toys because they kept running off with the ones for the necklaces.

Nephew Seth's Candy Corn afghan.

And our little Christmas table waiting for company.


Alison said...

Those necklaces are making me want to go try them too. Very cool! (Short and sweet to make-looking, too.)

--AlisonH at

BB said...

Happy 2009, and may the year bring you good health and fortune.