Monday, January 05, 2009

Big Day!

It's been an exciting and nearly overwhelming day for me so I thought I would share a bit.

First, My Delaware Holly slipper sock pattern went up for sale on the Sockathon website today. A new experience for me. It looks like this.

Second, we got our property appraisal for our reverse mortgage today, A LOT more than we expected for our old Victorian that we bought "as is" 21 years ago. Still hard to wrap my mind around being able to pay off all our bills and live comfortably without using credit ever again.

Third my baby brother's first novel came in the mail from my Mom. I'm proud of my baby brother!

Found out we have to arrive at the hospital at 6:30am for Alex's 8am surgery on Wednesday. Getting up at 5am is not a pleasant aspect for this old night owl!

And lastly, I finished my brother Greg's Aran slippers, a late Christmas gift.

Not a bad day! Except for 2 very sick friends that I am very anxious about, 2009 has promising beginnings. I will keep praying! Bless us all!

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Knitman said...

Gosh! I am impressed with your slippers.