Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Nice Surprise and a FO

Hi Folks. I got a box from a publisher last week. I hadn't ordered anything from them so it was a bit of a puzzle. Inside was the pattern-a-day Crochet Calendar for 2008. Remember that filet crochet pattern I had submitted for this year's calendar? They sent it back and I thought that was that. Imagine my delight while leafing through the calendar to find my pattern on Monday, April 7th! Cool!

And the UFO currently blocking on my floor is Alison's Ann Arbor shawl from her book Wrapped in Comfort. It's for my SIL Mary, a red head who looks fab in greens. I told Alison that I was worried that it would come out looking like a sick chameleon but I'm relieved to say I quite like it. BIG difference in how it looks before and after blocking. First time I've used blocking wires too. I got the wires from Knit Picks and really like them.

I had to scootch around the floor on my fanny to get it all pinned out. Nothing else to pin it to but the rug. I'd love to use my bed but with 10 cats in the house it was more of a challenge than I wanted to face today. Maybe next time.

I used 10 shades of Knit Picks Palette. I can hardly wait for it to be dry!

Now I have to hurry up and finish sewing Alex's birthday present for this Wednesday, the 17th. Then back to making Christmas gifts!


Alison said...

Beautiful! Well done!!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on the calendar entry! That shawl is spectacular. I love the colors.

Tonya said...

Now I have to find somewhere to buy the crochet calendar a day so I can say I know yet another designer that shawlis wow so beautiful if i hadn't lost income this summer I would be findint that pattern and making it. rofl.
Such is life I guess congrats on the published I am so proud for and of you.