Sunday, October 21, 2007

More finished goodies!

Last Wednesday, 10/17 was my hubby Alex's 72nd birthday. He never tells me what he wants except more of what he already has plenty of. So I tend to take clues from other things he says. Like nagging me to make curtains for the dining room and Parlor and etc.

The old cotton curtains we hung when we moved in 20 years ago are just disintegrating and my sis had sent me a box of lace bolt ends from where she works with a designer. There was enough to do the dining room and one of the parlor windows, although we stretched it to cover both windows for now. So I've sent my sis these pictures and asked, "Please, may I have more?" Here's hoping!

The dining room.

The parlor.

And I've been crocheting some quick doily/coaster sets. The little pineapple doily takes about 5 hours and the coasters take a little over an hour each. I can even do them without the pattern now. That's a first for me! Won't tell who they're for in case they peek. :o) One more set I think and then I need to knit something. My yarn is fussing at me and I feel it.

Oh the little rainbow coaster is for one of my SIL's kitties who likes to carry around dainty things. Maybe I'll soak it in catnip. LOL!

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