Thursday, December 21, 2006

Almost ready!

Finished Alex's fingertip-less gloves finally. I borrowed a not-quite-cable stitch from a sock pattern for the back of each glove so there would be a definite right & left, and they don't look so plain. It was a fun project but there has just got to be a way to join the fingers without leaving that hole between them! I really don't like sewing up at all. So, here they are!

Now it's time to make cookies and a fruitcake for mom and some nut brittle and maybe even some caramel corn. And I have to go out and find some stocking stuffers. And I need to quick mail a package to my cyber twin Laura. And... and...

As soon as the tree is all decorated I'll post a picture. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!


nana said...

hi, an idea how to avoid the holes between the fingers of gloves: I usually cross the bar between two stitches over to the next finger in progress, and twist it to form a new stitch. I start with the pinkie finger, knit in round the outside is no problem, no gap there, then, when it is time to pick up stitches for the next finger, I take them from the upper side of the glove, pick up and twist the stitch from the bar between the pinkie upper and lower side, pick up the stitches from the bottom side of the glove, and knit around. For the next fingers it is the same procedure, no holes, no sewing.

Hope that helped?


Sande Francis said...

I start my fingers with the pinky too, but on the next fingers I cross the sts to close up the holes. Sande