Saturday, April 01, 2006

RR #2 is on the way!

Finally finished my part on round robin #2 and am ready to pack it up and send it on to the next person. I was moving like molasses yesterday and just couldn't get the last frame border on before I fell into bed. And the sky was already getting light! Anyway, here it is.

The last person who worked on it and sent it to me said she thought it needed "calming down". Well, I don't know how much I calmed it down but I definitely lightened and brightened it. Those Spring/Easter colors were just calling me. And if it's too much or too little, then I hope my little gifts of love in the corners make up for it.

Now I have to get started on a slipper! Until next time, y'all be good! :o)

1 comment:

:L, Laura said...

i don't understand all the LOL on the quilt???
is that the email
:laughing out loud: ?