Sunday, April 09, 2006

Next round robin

Been awfully busy with design deadlines and a few other things. But I just got the next round robin and thought you might like to see it. For the first time I had several ideas right away, well... with the generous help of someone with a PC and a copy of EQ. And my husband, and my SIL and nephew. :o) Anyway, I know just what I am going to do. Here's the before.

And here's how the after will (hopefully) look like.

I like the balance of it.

Now I have to go to bed early because there is a sudden family luncheon at my house tomorrow and everyone will be here before I am usually out of bed. So nighty night!

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:L, Laura said...

stopping the poooling.
most designers suggest that you use 2 balls of yarn simultaneously.
so you knit 2 rows with a and then 2 rows with b and that avoids the pooling.
that's what colinette and etc say to do with their yarn