Friday, November 11, 2005

"Grow old along with me... the best is yet to be!"

Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. I'm knitting Alex a lace vine bookmark. Hope to finish it tonight. Alex got me a bunch of flowers at the grocery store. Are we an old married couple or what? :o) I am roasting the 2 ribs we had left over from last Christmas' prime rib. Roast potatoes & carrots, biscuits, wine sauce. Nice little dinner? Tomorrow back to laundry and such. Time to start on the apple pie filling.

Making good progress on my Lyra! Up to row 141 of 179. Whoopie! Having this Ott lamp really is making a difference. Knitting goes a lot faster when I don't have to tink back to fix mistakes. Feels SO good to get a couple or 3 rounds done a day. Nearly 1000 stitches per round now.

I did some online pricing of those kids play mats that come in jig saw pieces? Very pricey! Today I got a whole set for $16.99! And that includes shipping! I will be using them as a blocking board for my knitted lace. Cool huh? :o)

This was our "going away" picture after the reception.

Dig those crazy glasses! LOL! And nowadays his hair is all white and mine is... well, it ain't platinum anymore. *grin*

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