Monday, November 14, 2005

Good things in the mail...

I love to get packages! Specially "squishy" ones... yarn or fabric or quilt blocks... stuff like that. Today was a really bonus mail day. :o) First package was nice & squishy. I opened the top and all these cute little baby tribbles popped out, all different colors and sparkly and fuzzy. The kitties and I got sidetracked into a bit of a romp before I got back to see what else was in the package. My rescue yarn! Thank you Janet!!! Now I can finish Alex's birthday socks.

Second package is 2 gorgeous hanks of hand painted merino/rayon yarn. The colors are Tropical Sea and Moonlit Sea. I see a couple of lovely shawls here! I got them from Diane at Dimity's Dry Goods online and at most excellent prices! Thanks Diane!

Here's a picture of the loot. :o)

1 comment:

:L, Laura said...

what a hoot! great finds...
and that yarn looks so right for the socks for Alex.