Monday, September 07, 2009

September already!

Can't believe how time is flying! The older I get the faster it goes. Or maybe it's just me who is slower? Whatever, I've been busy as usual. Our nephew bought a new car on a "clunker" deal and brought it by to show us. I was very impressed with the car and the price. Our 14 year old Saturn wagon has been having bits & pieces break down so I went to see if I could get a good deal myself. And I did! Honda FIT Sport in "Tidewater" blue. We just call it "Barely" blue.

The night we brought it home my body decided to betray me big time. It felt like King Kong was squeezing me in his fist. None of my usual remedies did any good and the pain just got worse and worse. So Alex & I spent the night in E.R. finding out it wasn't my heart or my gall bladder. "Just nerves" they said after the morphine finally took the pain away. Good grief!!! I was SO sore the next entire week I could barely walk. It wasn't like any panic attack I've ever heard described and the doctors didn't actually call it that. But I'll be darned if I can figure out what else to call it. I never thought of myself as the type to be prone to something like that. Live and learn I guess?

Then last week my lovely little 2 week old car was the victim of a hit and run. Both passenger doors and a rear quarter panel will be replaced sometime this week. The driver has been tracked down and, of course, doesn't have insurance. My insurance (good ol' State Farm) has been taking good care of everything though. My car was parked and I wasn't there. But an anonymous witness called it in so the police were waiting for me when I came back to my car. Them are some good guys!

I will see if I can get copies of the pictures the police took.

So what have I been accomplishing? I made these for my Mom's birthday.

I finished my blue duster and it fits very nicely.

And I'm trying to finish my own purple FLS.

Oh yeah, and I got another Ginny, a Bonny Lass!

And the gInny that was dressed as a Polish peasant girl now has a lovely new outfit.

One of these days I plan to take a break from knitting/crocheting a sew some new dresses for my dolls. My SIL just rolls her eyes and says uh huh. Like I can't find time to put down my knitting? Well...

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Alison said...

Did you hear me gasp?! I'm so sorry! It wasn't enough damage for the insurance to total it out, ie, are they sure the frame wasn't bent? I once had an insurance co insist on paying for fixing a car where the frame was iffy--it was a waste of their money. (But then, it was not a new car.) I'm glad they caught your guy!

The duster is beautiful and a good antidote to all that.