Thursday, May 15, 2008

Anything Nice...

Hi Folks. I know it's been a while since you've heard from me and I apologize. Me old Mum taught me, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Well, there's been very little nice to report on for quite a while. But darn it! This can't go on forever can it? I figure, today is the first day of my 61st year on this old earth. Well actually yesterday was my 60th birthday, but I'm a night owl and for me it is still "today". So, anyway, it's the beginning of a new year for me and I really hope things get better.

So where were we? Oh yes, the big storm that took down our trees and our wires and our neighbor's wires. A nice lady artist had taken some of our chunks of wood to work with and she came back for more. And while she was at it she cleaned up the first stump closest to the house. It's hardly noticeable anymore and hubby has made a new bonsai display area there. The old tree in the back is still lying where it fell and most of the debris is still there. For my birthday hubby says he will plant a veggie garden back there. It would be nice...

Had a huge scare in February. A very close family member attempted suicide and was in a coma for a few days. The hospital was about an hour and a half away but I or hubby needed to be there every day. I was so afraid. There was pneumonia, liver damage, brain damage. A sad, damaged psyche that can't or won't be fixed. He got better. He went home. He's trying. But I can hear him sliding back when I talk to him. A constant, wearing worry.

Which wreaks havoc on blood pressure, etc., etc... I am a well lubricated pin cushion. (smile) Only ruined one dress with blood stains. Naturally it was in light spring colors.

With gas prices so high and all that driving back and forth to the hospital for weeks, our already stretched very thin finances took a huge whack. Property tax didn't help either. Putting groceries on a credit card only works for so long. So now I am selling my things to help make ends wave at each other. My Mom is mad at me for not managing well. She's not the kind of Mom who will just hold you and let you cry and pat you on the back and tell you everything is going to be ok. She wants to move back to Oregon and it's just breaking my heart. It took SO many years to get her to live close by so we can help when she has one of her falls. We've been through all that a few times now. Oh well, at least she is still ABLE to move back to Oregon.

More later...


Alison said...

Oh goodness. I'm so sorry! I hope things are settling down better now, and my heart goes out to your relative.

Re the tree (I guess it's easy to talk about the littler things), we had a large one come down in a storm not long ago too. And about a week ago, a couple yards from where it had been, I discovered a fig tree growing from behind some plants so I hadn't seen it coming up. The birds must have planted it. A fig tree! I LOVE fig trees, but I probably never would have planted one, I probably would have planted something else (someday), but now that it's there, I'm thrilled.

Even when it's not what I would have picked first, new growth helps with old losses.

--AlisonH at

Knitcrazy said...

I was just reading your post about it being the first day of your 61st year and I said to myself.. I am in my 61st year also.. Then I looked at the date of your post.. It said May 15th.. That is my Birthday...LOL
Happy 61st year to us Both!!!
I'm goign to send you an invite to my Ravelry Group.. Knitting for Kids....