Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I know. I'm a little late. I've been a busy girl in many ways. The week before Christmas I spent 4 days in the cardiac ward having some hair raising tests which resulted in excellent news about my heart. But also taught me a serious lesson about letting go and not trying to be in charge of so much. Believe me it's a lot easier to say than to do. Especially when the whole family is coming for Christmas in a couple of days! But we got through it and enjoyed every minute. Took a few days to recover from being so tired but it was worth it. Some pictures...

Christmas morning.

The Christmas table.

Front to back, son David, DIL Jenny, Granddaughter Judy and Nephew Alec.

Front to back, Grandson Brandon, SIL Mary, Nephew Seth and my Mom.

My handsome boy David.

Brandon showing off his new fingerless mitts with Grandpa Alex handing out presents.

GD Judy, cat Sammy and DIL Jenny.

Brandon & Jenny patiently waiting to open packages.

Rufus hiding out from all the company.

Cleo hiding out under her first Christmas tree. Cleo is the only cat we've ever had who climbed the tree, and from the inside too!

Fingerless mitts for David that weren't finished until after he had to go home.

Next time, pics of Christmas goodies and of our devastated back yard after the week of storms.

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