Sunday, December 02, 2007

Purple Socks

Finally finished the purple socks. The second one was a struggle because I didn't make good notes on the first one. It is my version of the Veil of Leaves sock from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways book. I used Knit Picks Essentials in African Violet. Lovely and soft! First time knitting with a size #1 Harmony circ. Very nice but I wish the cable was longer.

These are for a tall, slender young lady with dainty size 5 feet. I sure hope these aren't too narrow for her! Pardon the very inexpertly made hanger/sock blocker.

And just a catly comment...

This is Merlin. This is NOT Merlin's bed! Now Percy has moved into Merlin's cave, a larger bed under a hassock. There's room for two Percy"s in there! I bet Percy would like a new cave of his own for Christmas. Santa... ?

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Knitman said...

These purple socks are gorgeous-seriously scrumptious.