Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yellow Lace Scarf

This scarf is for my niece and I dare say it is definitely longer than she is tall! I knitted it lengthwise and should have cast on a few stitches less. I used a very nice yellow wool yarn I found online from Yarn Treehouse and a #9 circ. (This yarn would make pretty socks too.) I used a stitch pattern from Wrapped in Comfort, the Blue Jay Shawl. Alison gives stitch counts for every stitch pattern used in the shawls. She intended for people to be able to use the patterns for other things too.

Here are a couple of pics of it blocking. Hope you like!


Elizabeth said...

Lovely!! Sorry I meant to leave the last comment on this post, sorry about your kitty!!

Annette said...

I love super long scarves. I love to wrap them more then once, so the length will be lovely to have, especially as it is lacy.

Knitman said...

How beautiful. Excellent work.

Alison said...

Oh, look at that! Beautiful, and thank you for spreading the word about those stitch counts: I want that book to be absolutely as useful as possible to anyone who gets a copy.

--AlisonH at